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Peren Gee
Front-End Web Dev
Graphic Design
Identity Branding


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Zonic Portal

CRM | UX | Internal CMS

M.D.Lee Nutrition

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CommNexus NextStage


Angelika Vee


Star Box Food

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Dragon's Pond


Westlake Hearing Aid Center


Peren Gee

Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer

I specialize in front-end web development and design and graphic design. From pencil and paper to paint to digital work to photography to film to even glass work, I continue to expand my skills and interests on a daily basis. Those who know me can testify that I’m always learning, and that I seek excellence in my work down to every detail.

Momma always said, “Good enough isn’t,” and I live and work with that in mind every day.

Outside of the creative world, I spend my time rock climbing, hiking, cycling, slacklining, cooking and eating. There’s a lot of eating. I thrive on exploration, whether it’s in my creative ventures or in the rest of my life.

Constantly growing, always improving.
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I strongly believe that every project should be original and creative. I never shy away from assistance from more skilled coders, but I also never sacrifice creativity and individuality for a little bit of time. This fundamental approach to design and development can be seen in every project I touch.

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